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  • Parquet floor boards

    Posted on July 19, 2020 by Wooden Floors

    Here at The Wooden Floor Specialists Ltd we provide a wonderful collection of parquet flooring. Based in London, Balham and Dorset, Dorchester UK

    Call our team on 020 8675 2431 or visit www.woodenfloors.co.uk

    For the most beautiful Wooden Floors

    Wood flooring Parquet block flooring

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    Posted on April 28, 2020 by Wooden Floors

    When you are looking for a beautiful hardwood floor that will not break the budget look no further than Oak Elegance Xl, www.woodenfloors.co.uk
    This wonderful wide oak plank is 190mm wide x 15mm thick and 1900mm long with a natural finish on a rustic grade look.
    At only £48.00 plus vat it has to be one of [...]

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  • Wood floor Adhesive

    Posted on April 18, 2020 by Wooden Floors

    The Wooden Floor Specialists Ltd can supply you directly with the best adhesive / glues for bonding any hardwood or softwood floor. Solid or engineered.

    The knowledge from this company along with years of experience combines in the best products available

    Browse the web site www.woodenfloors.co.uk for the latest deals or call 020 8675 2431 for free advice





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