Under Floor Heating

Imagine a room with no unsightly radiators but still heated, with a modern warm wood floor. No dust or draughts caused by circulating air currents. Our 7mm thin electric underfloor heating system has no pipework and reduces condensation and associated problems. It's easily installed when you are laying new flooring and can be used for renovation projects as well.

The idea of allowing heat to rise through the floor was already around during the heyday of the Roman Empire. In those days they used hot flue gases from the fireplace, which were made to pass through ducts in the floor enroute to the chimney. Underfloor heating still can’t be beaten today when it comes to having comfortable floors. Furthermore, Ebeco underfloor heating offers you more advantages: With the right heat distribution in the room, you can lower the temperature by 2-3 degrees and still enjoy a pleasant room climate as you have the heat down at your feet. A prerequisite for this is that the room is well insulated. Ebeco underfloor heating is a low temperature system, which produces a more agreeable climate with no hot, stale air. It also creates less air movement and thereby less dust particles in the air, which produces a healthier environment, especially for people with allergy problems. As the heat comes from the floor, there is less dampness which reduces the risk of mites and bacterial growth.

If you are updating your home or commercial property, why not consider investing in engineered wood flooring installed over your underfloor heating system from The Wooden Floor Specialists Ltd? If you are looking for a floor surface which is both durable and stylish, then one of our engineered hardwood floors could be perfect for your property.

We stock a wide range of high-quality engineered flooring to suit every budget and requirement. Whatever style of floor you are looking for, you are sure to find it in our online store or during a visit to our showroom, which is conveniently located close to Wandsworth, Clapham & Putney. Excellent for the South London area.and now in Dorchester, Dorset.

Any room within your home or commercial property could be simply and effectively improved with the addition of one of our floors – which can also be fitted by our expert team. For a floor which is as hardwearing as it is elegant, and which can give any space a stylish finishing touch, make our engineered wooden flooring your first choice.