Wood Floor Accessories


Here at the Wooden Floor Specialists, we understand that once you have installed your new beautiful wood floors you will want to keep them looking their best and highlight their natural beauty for as long as possible. That is why we provide a range of tried-and-tested wood floor accessories to help you get the best out of your wood flooring for longer.

We have selected a varied range of wood floor accessories that are perfectly suited for use both during and after installation. Make maintaining your wooden floors easy with our fast-drying, gap-filling resins and make sure to always have our floor polishing products and non-abrasive wood cleaners handy for a beautiful, well-maintained floor.

Our range of wood floor accessories also includes a variety of feltgards and radiator pipe covers to protect your floors from scuff marks and scratches. And if you have gone for one of our superior-quality engineered wood floors, check our underlay rolls, which are made with high-density foam and are available in various thickness levels for improved sound and weather-proofing.

For further information on our range of wood floor accessories, please Contact our expert team at The Wooden Floor Specialists on 0208 675 2431 for advice and guidance on any of our products.

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